A service provided by Refactoring Essentials for Visual Studio. It is included in the Visual Studio extension (v4.0+), where it runs locally without calling out to this REST API.

The code you submit is not stored in any form. Therefore, if an error occurs in conversion, we would like to ask you to report it using the label "code converter". Please do include the code snippet (if possible) so we can find (and thus fix) the problem as soon as possible.

This service is brought to you by the same people that created http://codeconverter.sharpdevelop.net/. In comparison, this service today supports only C# to VB.NET, however in their respective latest versions - whereas the NRefactory-based older service is C# 5.0 only (and won't be updated any more).

Current limitations are documented, the most important being comments and preprocessor directives.

The code for this Web site can be found in the Refactoring Essentials repository. The client library for the REST API plus some smaller clients are accessible via the clients repository, which has a downloadable release of the Windows desktop client.

As always, help is appreciated - eg converters for other language combinations. Please open an issue when intending to do so.